Head Clerk

Company Name:
Job Title: Head Clerk
Company: Safeway Inc
Country: U.S.
State/Province: Oregon
City: Lake Oswego
Position Category: US Retail Stores
Requisition Number: RTLO134661
Job Description: Head Clerk
As a primary contact for Safeway customers, the Head Clerk provides friendly, courteous, and
helpful service. During the absence of the Store Manager and the First & Second Assistant
Managers, the Head Clerk is in charge of the store, with analogous authority to make necessary
decisions to operate the store at maximum profit, efficiency, and superior customer service.
When in charge of the store Head Clerk will supervise the store employees. The Head Clerk
also acts as a Cashier-Checker (see job description). May be required to work in many of the
departments within the store.
Safeway Head Clerk employees are generally responsible for completing the following job
1. Provide customer service as currently defined by the employer within the scope of the
position and within company policy.
2. Responsible for appropriately handling emergencies, customer complaints, employee or
customer accidents and supervising all store personnel.
3. Writes schedules, coordinates requests.
4. Performs complete store walk and follows through.
5. Executes and monitors price changes and monitors scan integrity.
6. Maintains high level of familiarity with company policies and procedures.
7. Supervises the sales floor to monitor service and replenishment of products.
8. Replaces stock in displays surrounding the checkout area.
9. Assists in other departments when needed.
10. Assists in maintaining a clean and safe work environment within the store.
11. Assists other cashiers with computer, register, and scanner problems.
12. Responsible for performing basic office functions to assist customers and personnel.
13. Operates electronically scanning cash register to total customers final bill.
14. Receive payment for customer purchase and count back correct change.
15. Bag groceries in paper, canvas, or plastic bags. Lift bags into grocery cart. Offer customer
assistance with carry out, and perform that task if a Courtesy Clerk is not available.
16. May be responsible for completing close of day function in the office.
17. May be responsible for counting out of stock product.
18. May count tills when other cashier-checkers leave.
19. Other duties as assigned.
1. Ability to follow company customer service procedures. Demonstrated prior customer
service skills or related experience.
2. Ability to interact with customers and co-workers.
3. Ability to understand and follow instructions.
4. Knowledge of all positions within the store.
5. Ability to work independently.
6. Desired: Prior experience as a clerk or manager.
All store employees during the absence of the Store Manager or Assistant Manager.
Varies depending on store location and state/county requirements.
%Inside: 100% %Outside: Rare Temperature Extremes: N/A
Chemicals: Seldom (mild detergents or glass cleaner)
six-wheeled cart, grocery cart, box cutter, pens and pencils, spray bottle, rags, mops, broom,
telephone/intercom, cash register, credit card scanner, computer, pallet jack, bailer
Constant (over 70% of the time)
Frequent (30-70%)
Occasional (10-30%)
Seldom (1-10%)
Constantly lifts 1-10 lbs. Frequently lifts 11-20 lbs. Seldom lifts 21-35 lbs.
Occasionally carries 1-10 lbs. Seldom carries 11-50 lbs.
Constantly pushes/pulls 1-10 lbs. Occasionally pushes/pulls 11-20 lbs.
Constant knee to shoulder reaching. Seldom overhead and at or above shoulder level reaching.
Constant standing while on job. Sitting allowed on breaks.
Frequent walking while on job.
Seldom. May use step stool while stocking/facing product on high shelves.
Trunk Functions:
Frequent neck rotation and bending of head. Occasional bending/stooping, twisting, crouching,
and squatting. Seldom kneeling.
Upper Extremity:
Constant handling/grasping and repetitive motion while checking, facing, and replacing stock.
Frequent fine finger manipulation.
Use of peripheral vision and depth perception to move around store and push carts in aisles.
Near vision used to operate scanner, make change, and troubleshoot equipment.
To converse with customers, provide service, and receive questions from employees and
customers. Answer pages and telephone.
To respond to customers and employees and use intercom/telephone.

Don't Be Fooled

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